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To provide every client with compassionate, confidential and clinically strong support that will enable you to identify, tackle and overcome your current challenges so that you can enjoy your gifts and find a deeper purpose.



I work with adults and couples, and will provide a safe and judgment-free space where you can share your full story. Together we will explore the roots of where you feel stuck and design powerful and effective solutions and strategies that are easy to learn and maintain.

why quercus

Why Quercus?

Quercus, which is the Latin word for the genus of oak trees, symbolizes my practice. In our work together you will become more rooted and resilient so that you can refocus on living a more full and meaningful life.



Adult Counseling

Life brings many challenges, and sometimes it gets messy. As your therapist, I will help you sort through the confusion and find a path forward.


Couples Counseling

Relationships are complex and it’s easy to lose your connection in tough times. I will help you manage conflict in a way that doesn’t damage your intimacy and can actually deepen your closeness.



Career and Life coaching will support and assist you in taking powerful steps towards meeting your key goals.

Brooke Dooley, LPC
Brooke Dooley, LPC

Licensed Counselor
for 25+ years

Welcome! I am so glad you’ve stopped by, and I am here to answer any questions about my background or approach.

As a therapist for nearly half my life, I’ve seen hundreds of clients persevere through their struggles and come out the other side. I will truly treasure hearing your story and will connect you more deeply with your individual strengths and talents.

I am currently in private practice via telehealth or in-person at my Isle of Palms office. I do not accept health insurance in-network, but will bill your company as an out-of-network provider upon your request.

Please reach out today with any questions…I am here to help.

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Existing Client Sign In

Current clients may sign in here to view their patient portal. You will be taken to another HIPAA-compliant site where you can view your appointment, session and payment details.

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I’m sorry if this is a tough season for you, but I’m here to help. Research shows therapy can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. Please consider reaching out today with questions or to book an appointment. Don’t continue struggling alone; you deserve support.

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