Couples Counseling

Being part of a relationship is not easy. But it may surprise you to learn that conflict is an absolutely inevitable and normal part of being together. And oftentimes what draws us to a romantic partner are the very qualities whose “shadow side” will cause us irritation and anger the longer you are together. Also, based on your experience growing up, you may be carrying unconscious patterns of connection that make it challenging to feel safe and close. And finally, most couples don’t know that relationship satisfaction is actually reduced when a couple starts a family and moves through the added stresors and demands of domestic life.

But there is hope!

Contact me today to find out:

  • What over 50 years of research says about how self-reported “happy” couples handle their many differences and disagreements in a way that doesn’t damage their closeness
  • Powerful ways to identify your unique temperament traits and how to maximize the benefits and enhance your understanding of where it causes issues
  • What your respective attachment styles are and how this might factor into your ability to be emotionally and physically intimate